She Wrote: Mary Shelley

Welcome, dear reader, to my newest series! SHE WROTE is a series about women writers that have influenced me with their lives and works. Each week, I'll profile a female author and share my personal experience with them, my favorite of their works, some links for further reading about them, and a checklist so you … Continue reading She Wrote: Mary Shelley

13 Book Recommendations Based on My Favorite Halloween Films (Part 2)

I see the ghosts and creaking floors and sharp teeth didn't scare you off... Welcome back to Part 2 of my book recommendations based on my favorite Halloween films. Today, we're diving deeper into the Gothic. Tower of Terror (1997) This was the first movie that I remember being terrified of. It used to air … Continue reading 13 Book Recommendations Based on My Favorite Halloween Films (Part 2)

Gift Guide: Bookmarks

Today, I want to chat about my current obsession: bookmarks. I am crazy about these things right now for no other reason than that there are so many artists putting out amazing designs. These cheap, useful, and beautiful little quitter-strips are the perfect just-because gift for any reader in your life, or the perfect I-care-enough-to-send-you-something-but-not-enough-to-get-you-something-fancy … Continue reading Gift Guide: Bookmarks