Own Voices Global Reading Challenge

Central America: Wrap-up

What a weird month this has been! We’ve been in quarantine for the majority of this month, but luckily, all my library holds for Central America came in before the libraries closed. I had a pretty successful reading month and, as usual, really enjoyed the stories I read for this month. Here’s a what I […]

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Beloved and the Haunted House Novel

I am a firm believer in the timing of the universe. Everything happens exactly when it needs to, and I really live my life with that trust and graciousness. But let me tell you. I wish I had read Beloved by Toni Morrison sooner. I could kick the universe for holding out on me with […]

Book Hauls

Book Haul: Dollar Tree Finds

I posted a few days ago about my favorite places to buy books and I mentioned that I had pretty good luck in the past at my local Dollar Tree. Everything in the store is a dollar (just $1!) so finding cool books there is amazing, but because it’s a bargain store and not a […]