Sub-Saharan Africa: Wrap-up!

My dear reader, long time, no see! There are a lot of things that prevented me from showing up to this space like I intended this month (and last month...) but this month, I can happily say that I was very, very busy reading. June was a record breaking month for me. I read 11 … Continue reading Sub-Saharan Africa: Wrap-up!

South America: Wrap-up!

Dear reader, it seems strange to write this today, with the world as it is. Reeling in the wake of another full month of social distancing and death from the coronavirus, we also this week were faced with another senseless death of an innocent Black man, George Floyd, at the hands of the police. This … Continue reading South America: Wrap-up!

Gardener’s Magic: Five Practical (Magic) Tips for Bookish Gardeners

In honor of Gifts of the Garden Month, each week in May I will be highlighting the gifts of books and gardens. My two favorite worlds collide! Join me each Thursday to celebrate the wonders of pages and flowers. Books make me grateful for far off worlds. Gardens make me grateful for the one I … Continue reading Gardener’s Magic: Five Practical (Magic) Tips for Bookish Gardeners