DIY Nature Bookmarks

This is a week of new beginnings. I’m back doing the things that make me feel good, so I guess my little depressive espiode the past two weeks is officially over! I getting some exercise every day, I’m sleeping well, I’m eating better, I’m avoiding sugar, I’m back on my blog, and today I did a craft, which I haven’t done in ages. Mercury in retrograde is messing with other aspects of my life (see the glass pitcher I destroyed by putting in the fridge full of hot tea…) but not here!

My mom and I spent all day out on the back porch, she reading and me annoying her, so I decided to work on something productive. Using an old nature book, I made these cute bookmarks, double-sided and laminated. Directions below!



I found an old copy of Peterson First Guides: Mammals by Peter Alden that a patron had donated to us at the library. I loved the beautiful illustrations and the book was just thin enough and organized just right for me to imagine cutting bookmarks out of it, so I took it home and got to work! I imagine any pocket field guide for nature would work well for this craft. You can even cut out pages of an old book that’s just text and have a really cool end product.

I unbound the book by removing the outer cover and the glue that kept the four smaller books together. Then I cut the strings that kept the pages bound and voila, the pages came out perfectly easy.

Once I had all the pages loose, I used a scrap booking cutter like this to cut the pages in half. Luckily the illustrations had text on the back and not another illustration. Some pages I cut a little closer to the image, but I would recommend just cutting them once, because I ran into a problem later with the illustration pages being different sizes.

Next, I paired up my pages so the bookmarks would have an image on both sides. Some were paired on topic (ex. two rabbit pages for my mom’s bookmarks) and some I had to pair based on size, because I didn’t make them uniform. Some pages paired up and one was a little smaller than the other, which didn’t ruin them, but definitely made them a little messier to my perfectionist’s eye. I used a small piece of tape to keep them stuck together, text to text, so they would stay in place.

I placed my bookmarks on 8.5×11″ laminating sheets and then used my Scotch laminator to literally seal the deal. I was able to get three on each sheet. They look so cute when I got them cut out and finished up! I think I might punch holes in the tops of some and tie a silk ribbon on them for an extra touch.

I’m going to give a few as gifts, and use the rest to keep tabs in all those books I start and never finish…


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