December Owl Crate

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Today, I’m bringing you an OwlCrate unboxing, a safe week from the delivery date. This month’s theme was SEIZE THE DAY and it was colorful and merry and a perfect pre-holiday gift. Let’s check it out!

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So festive!

SEIZE THE DAY was jam packed with brightness and optimism. I’m not usually so into bright colors and the like, but I really enjoyed this crate!

This box was full of things I love, but I’m just going to right for the best item here this month first — A BOOKISH PLANNER! This bright, abstract owl covered planner is so exquisite. It has month-at-a-glance pages, week planners, and book lists and reviews. Plus, it is sprinkled with book quotes! I’m practicing some mega self-control to wait until the first of the year to begin using it. I can’t wait!

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This month we got a candle! And not just any candle! A Novelly Yours candle! My favorite candle shop! This little 2 oz. jar is titled “The Wishing Tree” (from The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord) and features apple and pine scents, a perfect wintertime combination.

We also received another Juniper and Ivy Design product. This wooden ornament, designed to resemble a stack of books (my winter TBR) and features a quote from Nicola Yoon’s Everything, Everything, which I haven’t read. I still think this ornament is so cute and it will adorn my bookshelf all year long.

A bookmark! Yes! I love bookmarks, most ardently, so I was so stoked to have a new one to add to my collection. This one is from Little Inklings Design and has two sides — one with a quote from The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the second from The Serpent King (two more for my TBR). Both sides are so, so lovely!

Next we have a lovely magnet from Ink and Wonder Designs. This OwlCrate exclusive features art inspired by the Percy Jackson series (which I have read! One so far that I know!). I’m using it as candle lid topper currently, because I have very few metal surfaces in my room.

We also have a tote bag! Another thing I love! This one is Harry Potter inspired, clearly another favorite over here, and has extra long handles so it will be up to the book-toting task. I love this quote! I’m keeping it in my car with all the library books I have to return. It’s the best of both a Ron and Hermione world.

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Now to the book! This month’s box features a lovely embroidery green cover of Emma Mills’s new book Foolish Hearts. I haven’t heard about this book much, because I’m not so much into contemporary YA, but I’m going to give it a shot. It’s about high school drama, Shakespeare, theatre, and tangled love. I think it will be a fun read! We got a cute little patch featuring the book title which is really cute as well!

So clearly this month’s box was a crate of joy and fun, which is perfect for these dreary winter days and upcoming festivities. I’m excited to use all these products and I’m really looking forward to next month’s box, FEARSOME FAIRY TALES. It’s going to have another candle, and I have a hunch that our book will be Holly Black’s January release, The Cruel Prince, which I have been DYING to read. I’m sure whatever the book is, it will be great, along with all the other fun items they slip in as well!

If you’d like to give OwlCrate a try, I really cannot recommend this service enough! It’s perfect for bookish folks of all genres and styles, because each month you get something new and exciting, and it’s always guaranteed to be awesome. Check them out here!

I hope you all enjoy a holiday weekend of rest, feasting, and safe travels! Happy Christmas!

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