Gift Guide: Bookish Candles

I work part time at a candle store and part time at a library, so my interests really merge in the bookish candle. I got hooked on them when I joined bookstagram, because I really just couldn’t pass up a candle of my favorite character or setting. There is something so atmospheric in reading a book and being surrounded by the scent of the world you’re reading.

There are so, so, so many shops out there that kill the bookish candle game, so this is just the barest snapshot of what is offered. Peruse Instagram and Etsy a little and you certainly will find your next favorite shop or your favorite scent or character. These are the ones I use the most, and the ones I’m most familiar with, but I am always on the look out for new shops. (Literally once a day I fill up a shopping cart at some shop and then have to close out.)

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From L to R: Tookish Candle Co, Novelly Yours, Whiskey Diamond (top), TokyoMilk (below), Bath and Body Works

Again, there are HUNDREDS of shops out there that create amazing scents and I will never stop looking for new ones, but these are the brands I currently have on my shelf or burning bed-side.

Tookish Candle Co. is one of the most coveted of candles on my bookstagram currently. Truly, these candles are incredible. Unfortunately, they’re hard to get your hands on, because they’re in such high demand that you have to be ready on the restock day or you’ll miss out. I’ve had candles sell out my cart before I could finish shopping! Folks really don’t play around with Tookish Candles. They’re currently on vacation until the new year, but keep these on your radar! They are always excellently packaged, the labels have quotes on them, and the images are so lovely. I have two scents from Tookish Candle Co:

  • Mirkwood: Inspired by the mystical and dangerous forest in Lord of the Rings, home to my all time favorite LotR character, Legolas. Mirkwood has notes of cypress, amber, and cassis. (Also a nod to Stranger Things!)
  • Snow Ball ’84: Inspired by the season finale of Stranger Things 2. Snow Ball ’84 smells like cranberry punch and Christmas trees.

Novelly Yours is probably my top-of-the-top candle creator. Not only does this shop have DOZENS of incredible scents from every fandom imaginable, but these candles are strongly scented and come in the cutest little jars and tins with colored wax. I have several from them, and a coupon for more which will be used ASAP (well, as soon as I can make up my mind about which ones I want!). I have quite a few of these:

  • The Halloween Collection: This is a set of four 2 oz tins inspired by halloween characters. Frankenstein is a mix of lightening and fire (which smells kind of soapy and sharp to me), Dracula is blood orange and wooden stakes (so pungent and delicious), The Raven is darkness, wind, and feathers (kind of musky and smokey), and The Headless Horseman is pumpkin and autumn air. These are so perfect for fall.
  • Anoshe: Inspired by V. E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic series, this candle is a brilliant red and smells like land, sea, flowers, and home. It smells like the seaside and is literally the most dreamy scent. I wish I could let it burn all night!
  • The Dreaming Tree: I received this one in my latest OwlCrate (review up soon!). It is scented with harvest apple and night. It’s a scrumptious fall smell and the green wax is covered in shimmery blue glitter.

I have one book inspired candle from Tokyo Milk. I found this company at an indie shop in my college town and purchased some amazing dark-smelling hand cream. My best friend purchased this candle for me for my birthday one year, and I was delighted to learn they made candles as well. Poe’s Tobacco is a blend of tobacco, tea leaves, amber wood, and autumn apple, which is exactly what I’d expect Poe to smell like.

I have one candle from Whiskey Diamond Candle Co, which I purchased via the Bookish box on a Black Friday sale. It’s called Christmas at Hogwarts and is a blend of green apple, pine, and fireplace embers. It’s in a little tin and the green wax was sprinkled with silver glitter so it’s lovely and shiny when it burns.

The last is not actually a bookish candle, but it is one of my favorites to burn when I read because it’s soft. It’s from Bath and Body Works, and it’s called Wisdom, which I connect to Ravenclaw. It’s a blend of vetiver, fresh sagebrush, oak moss, and smokey amber. I really like much of their fall/winer line, especially Flannel, ‘Tis the Season, Fresh Balsam, and Winter Sage.

Have you noticed my scent profile? I like natural scents, smokey scents, apple and pine. Winter is the best season for candles in my opinion.

Which bookish candle shops are your favorite? Which bookish scent do you wish you could burn in a candle?

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