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Today, I want to chat about my current obsession: bookmarks. I am crazy about these things right now for no other reason than that there are so many artists putting out amazing designs. These cheap, useful, and beautiful little quitter-strips are the perfect just-because gift for any reader in your life, or the perfect I-care-enough-to-send-you-something-but-not-enough-to-get-you-something-fancy gift (too harsh?). Whether you’re buying them for yourself or someone else, there is certainly no lack of options and you will find exactly what you need, guaranteed.

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My current collection. Each maker will be identified below!

My current collection is absolutely blossoming. I’ve got author marks, fandom marks, quote marks, and more. I’ve got them from large businesses and small. I’ve got them huge and tiny, with tassels and without. I’ve got watercolor and digital.

I sent out a few for Christmas gifts, and not in a care-but-don’t way, but a complement-your-gift way. Most fit perfectly in a standard envelope, too, so they’re great to send along with letters. I’m thinking of creating my own lines of marks in the future, so I’ll profile what aspects of the design and creation that I like and don’t like so much. Please leave your comments about these aspects below!

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First up we have my Harry Potter trio and Ravenclaw marks. These are from Strange the Bookmark on Etsy (linked here) and I really love these for their size. They’re taller and wider than the standard bookmark, which I actually really like. The designs are vivid and clean as well so they photograph wonderfully for bookstagram. They are, unfortunately, only one-sided.

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Next up we have a selection of bookmarks from Dreamy and Co, also on Esty (linked here). These are so luxurious. They are a soft semi-matte finish. The colors are so bright and dreamy, and the illustrations are incredible. Again, these are only one-sided. My favorite is the Ravenclaw watercolor, because I love the Hogwarts shadow. I ordered more, which I can’t show here because they were gifts, but I was extremely pleased with each of them.

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These, from Obvious State, were some of the first in my collection. They’re wonderful heavy, parchment-type paper, and the back is black with the Obvious State logo and info, which is an elegant touch. The colors are lovely, and I’m crazy about this mimnalistic design. These are not all of the marks from the set of six, but I couldn’t locate the others so I imagine they’re stuffed in various books on my shelf. I bought them for the Romanticism quotes, and have since purchased a few other of their Romantics collection like a tote and post cards.

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Next we have a set from Read the Stars Co, and I have to say, I think these are my favorite quality. I love the minimalist design and brush text. They are printed on the back with shop info, but it’s so pretty that it seems like more design. They have a soft matte finish and are a little larger than the average book mark. I bought the second one at a discount because it was a mess up, but I don’t see the error? I’m really pleased with them!

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This is just a little collection of author bookmarks. The Margaret Mitchell one I’ve had for years, and bought at her house historic site in Atlanta. It’s laminated with a little tassel (which is unraveling). It’s by the US Postal Service, as the image is of a Mitchell Stamp. The Jane Austen one is on a heavy cardstock with beveled edges and a ribbon tie. I have no clue who made it, but I got it at Books-a-Million a few years ago. It’s my favorite quote from my favorite novel by my favorite hero, good old Tilney. The last is an abstract Mary Shelley portrait, which I received from a lovely friend my last semester in college. I was so touched by the gesture, so it’s one of my very favorite marks. It was made by Library Luminaries, which I think makes a few other marks with different authors on them. It also has a neat little bio on the back, which is really cool.

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Lastly, we have some Stranger Things themed bookmarks from A Stranger Dream, featuring a Frankenstein mark from Literary Emporium. These Stranger Things marks are SO AWESOME. They’re double sided, and on soft paper. The colors are incredible and the illustrations are so beautiful. The Frankenstein mark is double sided as well, with one side being the first line of the novel and the other side being the last. It’s totally genius. It’s also a semi-glossy and a great size.

So there is my bookmark haul! I completely recommend all of these vendors, as each was reasonably priced and turned out quality items.

What’s your favorite bookmark?

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