Back and Forward: November and December

I seriously cannot believe November is over. The last few months have been a blur, but I have to say November was one of the nicest months I’ve had this fall, thought, sure, it was full of hard things too. I resolved the morning of November 1 that I would not have a repeat of the horrible month of October, or revert back to the toxic months of the summer. I would actively work to improve myself, take back my life from depression, and make efforts to my future. I can happily say that I achieved these goals, and that I look forward to December being a month of peace, of hard work, and laughter. So, let’s take a step back and reflect on November, then look forward to what’s coming in December!


You carry so much love in your heart.Give some to yourself.

I managed to take back my love of reading from depression this month. After months and months of being unable to do anything but lie on the couch and toss and turn in bed, I decided that I didn’t want to live like that anymore and made goals for myself to improve my state of living. I took reading back first, and managed to read seven books this month, which is about three times more than I managed to read in the previous six months. Depression still has a lot of me held captive, but it has one less thing to keep me away from myself now. I also built up an amazing reading space in my room, which helps me to relax and enjoy my books on my free days.

I started my Harry Potter readathon, which I’ve enjoyed immensely. I got through the first five books this month and even got two others (Sword of the Rightful King and Lost Stars) in as well. I’m not where I’d like to be on my reading goal for the year, but this month helped me get a lot closer than I was a season ago. I also started this blog and a bookstagram, which I’ve been able to keep up and enjoy!

I got my first OwlCrate! This was seriously one of the biggest highlights of my month. I love everything that came in the box and I’m so excited for the next one. It was expensive, but it was a treat yo’self, and helped me get back on my feet in other aspects because I was looking forward to it so eagerly! I also grew my TBR pile by heaps and mounds — whether that’s a win or a loss, I’m not sure!

In my personal life, I got a seasonal job at retail store and heard earlier this week that I got a position at a library which begins soon! I’m seriously excited for this new adventure, and look forward to exploring a career in the library field. Unfortunately, I my great-grandmother passed away, at the unbelievable age of 99. It was a hard loss, because I saw her so often and had had her in my life for so long. She had been declining in heath these past few months, which was exceptionally hard to watch because she had always been so spry (even at 99!). The funeral and visitation, however hard they were, also allowed me to connect with friends and family that I had lost touch with, and I got to spent time with my cousins. I was really happy to see the ones that live up in North Carolina. I also improved my relationship with my brother, who is seven years younger than me, via video games, surprisingly enough. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him better and spending time laughing with him, as he’s probably the funniest person I know.  We’ve had a hard few years, but I think it’s important for us to build a relationship from here and be there for one another. I also attended a retreat with my favorite professor this month, and was able to reconnect with her, some peers from school, and myself. We practiced affirmations and I think it really helped me get into the headspace that allowed me to have such a successful month.

November was a month of renewal. I found my feet, kept my chin up, and was rewarded amply for my efforts. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come this month, and will look back on this month fondly in the future as the month I got back to myself.


If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.jpg

Ah, December. Arguably one of the best months, and the wind up and down to the year. This has been a year of ups and downs, but I want to continue reaping blessings and cultivating myself this month. I also want to spend good time with my family, meet my book reading goal, and relax.

‘Tis the holiday season, which means gift time! I genuinely love giving people gifts, so I love an excuse to give everyone I care about something special all at once. I’ve got most of my list ordered and on the way, but I plan to finish up for sure in about a week so I don’t have to stress about anything. I joined a bookstagram Secret Santa so I’m excited to get that gift shipped out and to receive one as well! We also have another OwlCrate in a few weeks so lots to look forward to! Lots of good mail to look forward to this month.

I hope to get my Harry Potter readathon wrapped up this month. I also have about eight more books to read to meet my 50 book goal for the year. I hope to set an even better goal for next year! There are lots of Christmas books on my TBR stack for this month, so keep an eye out for those. I’m also excited to receive some books as gifts this year, since that’s all I’ve asked to get for Christmas. I’m more excited about this holiday season than I have been for years. I’m looking forward to decorating the house, blaring holiday music, and filling the house with Christmas candles. I’m going to work on keeping the house cleaner this month, so it always feels like a special Christmas morning. I’m also hoping to bake a lot, and watch plenty of The Great British Bakeoff.

My sister comes home from college this month! I’ve missed her so badly, and I cannot wait to give her a huge stack of holiday reads. She wants to find a place to hike and watch White Christmas, the latter of which I’m more excited for. We also have the release of the next Star Wars film coming out this month, which my family and I are huge fans of. I’m looking forward to watching all the films together and then going to the theater for the new one. Look out for my Phasma review on December 15! I’m really excited about writing this one! I’m also going to try to see my best friend this month, because I haven’t seen her in ages. She’s really busy at nursing school, so I try to understand, but I lived with her for 3 years, so going a month or more without seeing her is hard stuff! I’ve got her a great Christmas gift, so I’m excited to give it to her.

I start my new job at the library this month! I am crazy excited for this amazing opportunity to begin a career as a librarian. I’ve been back and forth with career ideas for months, but I think getting some hands on experience will help me decide. I’m becoming more and more eager for a career and “adult” life lately, so I hope this will be the first step on that journey.

So, I have so much to be thankful for as I look back on November, and so much to be excited for as I look forward to December. Here’s to continued success, new adventures, and holiday cheer!

How was your November? What are you looking forward to in December?

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