Bookish Holiday Shopping

I love the holidays! I’m especially looking forward to this year, since last year was a tough one for me and my family. This year, I plan to go all out — presents under a meticulously decorated tree, cinnamon and spruce candles burning constantly, plenty of pies and treats freshly baked every weekend, family dinners and shopping excursions, matching Christmas PJs, lights on the front porch… Bring it on! I’m ready!

As we struggle with shopping lists and invitations, compounded by December's bad weather, it is good to be reminded that there are people in our lives who are worth this aggravation, and

Holiday shopping is both my favorite and least favorite part of the holidays simultaneously. I took on a seasonal retail position at a candle store to line my shopping list since I’m more short on cash than I have been in years, and that experience has done a number on my feelings about holiday shopping! Instead of braving the crowds and fine print on sales, I decided to do most of my shopping this year on the internet. I love packages, I get exactly what I want without leaving my comfy chair, and oftentimes I can find a better deal than in store. I’ve been feeling particularly bookish lately, so all the gifts I’m purchasing for my loved ones are book inspired. These products are vastly easier to find online than in-store, and I can also support small business via Etsy, which I love!

I did some couch surfing this weekend and managed to get a lot knocked off my list! Finding the perfect gift can really be a chore, but with my handy-dandy Instagram feed, I can find amazing unique presents for everyone on my list in small business. I won’t tell you everything I bought (since there might be certain eyes here…) but I will tell you where I shopped and what products I love from my small business shopping weekend.

I signed up for a secret Santa through bookstagram this year, and while my tastes are quite different from the person I’m buying for, it was lot of fun to scour bookish businesses for the perfect items to put in my box. I picked up two books from Amazon, one of which I read and loved so I’m excited about giving, and one that I’ve heard of but haven’t read. Purchasing cheaply on Amazon allowed me to purchase other fun things to go with the books, so I didn’t blow my budget early on. After the books, I found this amazing bookmark shop, StrangeTheBookmark, on Etsy. She not only has great holiday deals (free shipping on certain purchases and holiday discount codes!) but her bookmarks are so beautiful! I especially love the Six of Crows and Harry Potter inspired marks! I’m still waiting on the bookmarks to arrive (Greece is quite far away from Atlanta!), but I plan to send them along separately if they don’t arrive in time for the package to ship. Rounding out our package is a set of really pretty Washi tapes, also purchased from Amazon. I plan to wrap each item individually and include a hand-painted card and maybe some kind of art print. I hope she likes it!

For other loved ones, I wanted to theme the gifts around books. Of course, I will be giving a book to each person, but I also plan to include other small items. I also went the route of bookmarks for them, because I’m currently obsessed with them and found perfect ones to fit the themes of the gifts I want to give. I picked some up from ReadtheStarsCo, which has some seriously elegant work. Between the art prints and all the amazing bookmarks, I had to practice some self-control. More bookmarks from DreamyandCo because these are just so stinking cute! This shop has some amazing options from art prints to magnetic bookmarks, and everything is completely adorable.

Novelly Yours is my current go-to for candles, because not only are they quality candles, but they also are reasonably priced and there is one to suit nearly every fandom. I purchased Cabeswater a few years ago for my sister, and purchased the Halloween horror collection for myself this past fall, so I mean it when I say they are the best!

I also did a little Thriftbooks shopping for myself, with their Cyber Monday deal (buy four get the fifth free) I couldn’t help myself. My TBR stack keeps growing and growing… and there are even more books on my Christmas list! Someone stop me!

So I still have books to purchase, and some decisions to make on whether I want to purchase a book that’s already released or get the preorder for one coming out this spring for one person on my list. I’ll probably also make some Christmas cards this weekend and work on my watercolors for handmade prints and bookmarks for folks. I’m really excited for all this stuff to arrive and to begin packing these awesome gifts!

What shopping did you do this weekend? Which small bookish shops are your favorite?

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